Monday, June 22, 2015

Post lag

“One thousand apologies!” he said in a fake foreign accent he sincerely hoped didn’t sound racist.

I have bitten off more than I can chew, but I am determined to not spit it back onto my plate because I am an adult probably.  I’m going to chew this world up and I’m going to swallow it!  And it will become a part of me and I a part of it.  We will change the name of the planet from Earth to Me.  Actually, everyone else will call the planet Michael.  Or dude.  Or awesome dude.  Or any similar title of bro-hood and respectful equality.  I will continue to call the planet Me.  But first I have some chewing to do.

 Am I the only probably-adult here who has a seriously hard time always being an adult?  Some days I just want to climb a tree.  Or go bowling.  My Lord!  It has been too long since I went bowling.  And some days I just want to spend the whole flippin’ day playing video games.  But then there’s garbage to be taken out and clothes to wash and fold and children to wash and fold. And bills to wash and fold.  And you have to work out because after 25 you get this gut that really wants to be your pal and just hangs around.  You can try to out run it, but it will keep up with you.  BUT DON’T GIVE UP AND ACCEPT IT!  Because the gut has friends and if you stop trying to get rid of him he will invite his friends over.  Love handles!  Double chin!  And this fatty hump that appears on your back like your some sort of Quasi Modo.

 So between the work and the housework and the parenting and the exercise it seems there’s no time for just sitting around and playing games.  Or doing things like updating Blogger, recording more music, drawing more pictures, animating cartoons, discovering worlds in wardrobes… all the stuff I love.

 When’s the last time you rode a bike that wasn’t bolted to the ground?

 Anyway, I’m a loser.  I did not mean to drop this blog.  Stuff got away from me.  I’ll try to do better.

 About every quarter I get this bug in me to reorganize all the crap I’ve fallen behind on.  I’ll get serious about exercise and about my music and my animation.  And then once every six months or so I’ll put forth a lot of effort into finding a better job.  And I’ll keep it up for a good three to four weeks.  Every couple of years I’ll go really hard core and keep it up for six or seven weeks.  I’m hoping for that this time.  I really need to get rid of this double chin.  And I’d like to finish another album.  My last one was finished in 2003.

 But good news!  I applied to a job with Turner Broadcasting last week.  Technically I applied for the right to apply for a job.  It’s a data analyst with [adult swim].  I do data analysis at my current job and I love cartoons, including [adult swim].  So I’m hoping that I at least get an interview.

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