Monday, May 18, 2015

Full Disclosure

So, I need to let you know, I will cheat on you.

I have a kind of ADHD (in addition to a pretty normal ADHD) in which I cannot focus on a single given project for very long without being distracted by another project.  It has been the bane of almost every project I have ever attempted, save a scant few that I could probably count on one hand.

I start off with great and noble intent.  But, once the project I am work on becomes difficult or tedious, I'll move on to something else.

The truth is, you, dear blog, are a distraction from another project.

Currently I am on forced leave from my job for a reason I will probably reveal before the close of the solar system.  Whether I deserve said suspension depends largely on whether you believe that employees should do work while they are on the job or whether you side with me.  (Incidentally, I don't side with me, so if you did side with me in the last parting of opinions you are probably alone.)  ANYWAY, the reasons for why I did what I did that got me suspended notwithstanding, I took my suspension as a clear sign that I am tired of my current job and I need to move on.  I promised myself that during my forced vacation I would work diligently on my music, my art and my cartoon concept.

I have about 4 different fictional bands for which I write music.  The bands, of course, are all me, but I write the music from the perspective of fictional characters - like the Beatles did with Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  It's still my music.  It's still me singing, but it affords me the opportunity to write in very different styles without offended my legion of follower.

My goal for my leave of absence was to finish recording at least 4 songs.  To show how low I've set the bar on this, two of the songs are pretty much done with the recording phase and are now in the mixing phase.  I should have been done with them a month ago.

I have a couple of favorite things I like to draw.  I wanted to draw a single picture of "the Soft Ninja" an over weight, middle aged ninja that sort of never does anything right, and I wanted to finish a picture of a robot uprising that is almost finished except for the coloring process.  Again, low bar.

Concept Cartoon:
I have created a cartoon concept that I want to eventually finish and pitch to Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon/Disney.  I have already completed 4 episodes (written not animated) and drawn many of the characters.  I just need to finish writing up the treatment of the pitch bible.  This is a big task, but I didn't expect to finish this one by the end of my two weeks.

So here I sit, typing a blog that prior to my suspension I had no intention of writing.  And all I can think about doing when I go back downstairs is watching Adventure Time and drawing pictures of goblin bombardiers - which seems to be on my mind tonight.  But if I am a good boy I'll go directly to my music room and begin the process of mixing down one of my songs.

I'll keep you posted.  :)

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