Thursday, May 28, 2015


I know that my opinion is important to one person only (me).  But what is the Internet for if not for spouting your opinions to the uncaring masses while attempting to be simultaneously brilliant, endearing and funny in the hopes of finding like minds who will want to follow your every utterance, adopt your opinions and comment about how brilliant, endearing and funny you are.

So I do these reviews.  Mostly I review books I've recently read, albums I've recently purchased or movies/shows I've recently seen.  I will, however, venture to other topics if they affect me deeply enough and if I remember them thoroughly.

I'd love to review my repressed love affair with this buxom blonde yeti... but it's buried too deep in the subconscious.  I'm sure it was beautiful, but it also might have been planted in my brain by my cousin while we were experimenting with hypnosis.

I want very much - as do the Lone Gunmen - to review my numerous abductions by probable alien visitors.  But no matter how hard I concentrate I can only see flashes of light and tentacles.

So for now I'll stick to things I can remember.

If you have a suggestion for a review, let me know.  I might not review it, but who knows?

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