Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Still True

Look, you can't just assume that because I go on personal vacations for two full, but separate weeks in the summer to different popular spots in Florida and/or California and that I spending enough for a large family but have no souvenirs to show for it or because I have to visit sick and contagious friends or family every other Thanksgiving or Christmas in rotation or that because I go on business trips every Thursday through Saturday of every week to the same city where I have a car, a separate home, a separate bank account, a separate wardrobe and a handful of random children that refer to me as "daddy" and are followed around by a woman that seems to know my name and bear a strong resemblance to my high school girlfriend and who sounds like that inquisitive woman on the phone last month that I am cheating on you.

There's a logical explanation.

I'll explain it to you when you're a little less grumpy.

So, I'm not cheating on the blog.  I've just been busy.  Believe it or not I've been getting real work done towards a few of my goals; finishing another music album and finishing my treatment for my animated cartoon pitch.

This is why I have been absent of late.

I cannot explain why I haven't been funny yet.  Perhaps I'm still not comfortable with you.  I tend to be overly formal in the beginnings of my relationships.  I have trust issues.  If I open up took quickly and get attached to readily you'll just hurt me.  Don't act like you won't.  I read your text messages when you were in the bathroom.  I saw what you told your sister.

And don't pretend that you can unbutton your top blouse to distract me.  I know what I'm talking...

I can pretty think with fine just boobs top the bottom sweater.  Just all over the second button down and what.

No, wait... don't button it back up.  We don't have to go crazy.


Look.  You be you and I'll be me.  If we hit it off, great.  If not, I promise to keep your secrets and your pictures to myself.  I trust you will do the same.

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